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TTFN $6.99 Domination E-Liquid

Get your favorite flavors (if available) of 60ml Domination E-Liquid for $6.99. We are not accepting back-orders. Last orders will ship out on Saturday.

Ta Ta for now. It was fun. Thanks for all the support over the years. Keep an eye on and our FB page to see where Domination will be available.

Well…. bye.

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Egg-cellent Easter Sale

Happy Easter Y’all,

We’re super egg-cited to bring you an egg-cellent Easter sale! Starting Thursday April 1st you can hop on and order your favorite flavors for just $13! This sale ends on April 11th. You’d have to be a basket case to miss out on this. 🙂

We no longer accept interstate orders and are only shipping in our great State of Texas. We are accepting back-orders again until April 11th. Sorry, but I got my dates a little mixed up and USPS will stop delivering vape products later on in April. Unless something changes we will stop accepting orders on April 23rd.

Not to put all our eggs in one basket, we are reaching out to local shops to see if they want to carry Domination. We’ll keep you updated.

There is more information on the vape mail ban in the link bellow and CASAA even has a nice little message that you can send to your representative to tell them how you feel about this. It’s easy and fast to take part in this call to action, plus I felt a little better after I gave them a piece of my mind. You will too.

USPS – Vape Mail Ban

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End Of Vape Mail Sale

Hey y’all,

Well it sucks but USPS will stop accepting vape mail on March 27th 2021 and so we will have to stop shipping our products on Friday March 26th. Get them orders in now and stock up with our $13 price on all your favorite flavors of Domination E-Liquid. Is the product you want out of stock? Well no worries, we’ve got more of our popular flavors on the way and we are accepting back orders. So order however much you want and we’ll get ya taken care of.

Unfortunately FedEx, DHL, and UPS will also cease shipping vaping products around this time so it’s not like we could just use another carrier. :{

This sale ends on the 14th.

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Halloween Sale – 60ml $9.99

Happy Halloween y’all! Before ya head out trick or treating order ya some great tasting Domination E-liquid for half off! Ordering is easy and you can do it right from your phone. If you need more liquid than what is showing in stock don’t worry about it, we can get them orders filled quickly.

Also, if you have a great costume that you’d like to show off, post a picture to our Facebook page, maybe with a bottle of your favorite Domination E-liquid, tell us why you like Domination and we’ll send you a coupon for %33 off. Hope you all have a blast this Halloween and remember you don’t have to wait till this time of year to dress up.

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Scary Good Sale

Ah, October my favorite month. It’s time for blankets and scary movies, popcorn balls and pumpkin carving. It’s also time for a Scary Good Sale! Get your favorite Domination flavors in our gorgeous red 60ml bottles for just $13 through October the 13th. I hope everyone has a fabulous October.

P.S. We were able to submit our PMTAs by the deadline and the balls in their court now. We hope for great times ahead.

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Prepare For The Vape Apocalypse

Time to start stocking up your vape bunker! We’re making it easy with $13 Domination E-Liquid 60ml bottles. On Sale through 8/31.

September 9th is Vape Doomsday!
In case you were unaware, September 9th 2020 is the deadline for the vape industry to submit Premarket Tobacco Product Applications (PMTAs) to the FDA for all vaping products. After this date any vape product that didn’t have a PMTA submitted will be illegal to sell. Many vape companies do not have the resources to submit applications for all of their products and will stop sales of those products on that date.

Even products that submit a PMTA can be, and many probably will be, pulled from the market if the FDA doesn’t accept the application or later doesn’t approve the product. We find this very concerning as the FDA looks like it may have designs to ban non-tobacco or menthol flavored e-liquid. Only time will tell as it will be up to them, and maybe you.

We had hoped that the FDA might extend the deadline again like they did back in April and we prayed that the streamlined process that the FDA promised back in January might be published, but it appears they will not. The FDA has stated that they do not intend to extend the deadline again and the streamlined process never appeared.

We do not know what the future of vaping will look like, but we hope it isn’t as we fear with just pod systems and cig-a-likes sold at the convenience stores, limited flavor choices of tobacco or menthol, and the death of the vape shop. What we do know is that no vaping products have been approved by the FDA at this time.

What can I do?
If you haven’t already, join CASAA at and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Respond to their calls for action.

What about Kick Ash / Domination?
Whatever the future holds for all us vapers, you know that we will be right there with you and will continue to fight until we are too weary to raise our voice in protest. Rest assured that we are working with our partners to be able to continue bringing you the great flavors of Domination E-Liquid for as long as we are able.